Difference Between Graphic Design & Custom Illustrations

What is Graphic Design?

The aim of graphic design is to communicate. In order to convey a clear and concise message, a graphic designer uses tools such as images, illustrations, colors, words, and other graphic elements. Usually, graphic designers must follow strict guidance to adhere to a company’s design principles and understand their target audience.

Every element utilized in a design has a purpose and competes for its audience’s attention. Here is where a graphic designer’s artistry comes into play, as they expertly work on conveying the message and branding without confusing or overwhelming the viewer. A good graphic designer knows which elements should draw attention first and which should be secondary or tertiary in this goal.

What is Illustration?

Illustration is all about art. It is the visual representation of a prompt text. Some are simply decorative images, while others must portray a more elaborate concept or intricate narrative. An illustration can be done in both traditional (pencil sketches) and digital mediums (vector graphics) and can be included in all sorts of media forms, such as books, posters, films, magazines, and social media.

How Do They Work Together?

A graphic designer often uses illustrations within the design that help communicate the desired message effectively. Many marketing campaigns require custom illustrations because companies have a particular narrative in mind that cannot be adequately communicated with readily available illustrations.

Such custom illustrations can become part of a company’s logos, website, and other digital and
traditional marketing outlets. When done right, a custom illustration is an incredible graphic design asset, enhancing the brand’s aesthetic, visibility, and memorability.

Styles of Custom Illustrations

When deciding what kind of custom illustration, you should consider your brand’s aesthetic and overall goal. Let’s explore a few of them below…

  • Comic illustrations

    This type of illustration uses cartoon-like characters and other images along with text to convey a story, emotion, or scenario. Typically presented in a series of panels, the illustrator considers the appropriate arrangement of these and can also use elements such as speech bubbles, onomatopoeia, and captions for a successful narrative.

  • Watercolor illustrations

    With soft colors and layered semi-transparent brush strokes, this kind of illustration offers
    an airy look with depth unique to this medium. They’re typically used for fashion brands
    and storybooks, although they’re useful for other brands and industries looking to convey
    a particular aesthetic.
    Nowadays, watercolor illustrations can be done using either traditional techniques or
    technology and other online tools.

  • Branding illustrations

    Branding illustrations are essential to any business or brand, as they are their visual representation and how their audience or customers can easily identify (and remember) them.
    For these kinds of images, illustrators follow the brand’s style guide, using specific colors, fonts, and icons. Logos are the more recognizable type of branding illustrations

  • Portrait illustrations

    This type of illustration can be either realistic or abstract and typically involves the image of a person’s face (or many people if doing a family portrait illustration), displaying expressions or gestures. An illustrator must be adept at utilizing lighting, shading, highlights, angles, shadows, and colors to achieve a good portrait illustration

  • Character illustrations

    Some brands may require the use of characters or mascots in their marketing. In many instances, these mascots become a company’s logo. When such is the case, the logo becomes a more playful and welcoming way of connecting brands and audiences

  • Typography illustrations

    In some instances, companies use typography as an essential part of their branding or logo. This is an easy way to convey a brand’s message and aesthetic.

    Typographic illustrations use the arrangement and style of letters, numbers, and symbols to achieve an overall cohesive design that’s both appealing and legible.

    Things to consider when working with an illustrator on a typographic image are the font type, color palettes, layout, kerning, leading, and scale

Custom illustrations to inspire

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