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A movement is burgeoning to redefine the contours of American enterprise and safeguard the very essence of its society, structure, and way of life. This movement, known as the Parallel Economy or the Freedom Economy it’s more than just a slogan; it’s a call to action. It is a strategy designed to preserve and protect American values, freedoms, and economic principles from the perceived threats of cancel culture and liberalism.

The Parallel Economy thrives on a different kind of loyalty—deeply intertwined with cultural values and political ideologies. This is not merely a reaction to the current market but a proactive approach to creating an alternative that resonates with a specific segment of the American populace. It’s a space where economic considerations and a shared commitment to certain ideals drive consumers and businesses.

Similarly, the Freedom Economy offers hope for those advocating for an “America First” economic structure. It is built to foster economic environments that prioritize American values and interests.Here, we share companies that have built their businesses around deeply held beliefs, serving as commercial enterprises and platforms for advocating worthy causes. These narratives highlight the intertwining of business acumen with mission-driven purpose, illustrating how companies can thrive in the market and significantly impact societal issues.

Infant Care

Every life is a faith-based company that sells infant care products and promotes a powerful message:”Make More Babies.” At the heart of Every life is the belief that children are our greatest blessing,capable of transforming our world for the better. This philosophy is not just a tagline; it’s a call to action, challenging societal norms and affirming the company’s stance on the value of life and family.




Seven Weeks Coffee has brewed a unique blend of activism and entrepreneurship. It stands on the principle that every life is worth fighting for, channeling this conviction into a tangible impact by supporting over 750 pro-life organizations nationwide.



The Holy Roast brews not just Coffee but change. This conservative, Christian, and charitable coffee company has carved a niche by marrying the art of Coffee making with the mission of making a difference in the world.


At the intersection of love for Coffee and country stands the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC),a veteran-founded enterprise that epitomizes the spirit of American patriotism and community service.


Hunters Blend Coffee is more than just a coffee roaster; it’s a statement of patriotism and a testament to the American way of life. This company was born out of a deep-seated belief in freedom, hunting rights, and the Second Amendment.


Financial Services

GabPay marks a significant stride in the evolution of Gab, a platform founded in 2016 by Andrew Torba, a visionary Christian technology entrepreneur. GabPay emerges as an extension of Gab’s foundational philosophy, offering a tailored, cost-effective, and powerful payment processing solution designed for those seeking to operate outside the mainstream economic system, often referred to as ‘Woke Inc.’ Central to Gab’s ethos is a commitment to free speech, underscored by the belief that political speech protected under the First Amendment should not be stifled.



When patriotism and privacy are paramount, Old Glory Bank is not just a bank but a bastion of American values. It is a place where diligent, freedom-loving citizens gather, not just for financial transactions, but to be part of a community that stands united in its love for the country, faith,freedom, and an unwavering respect for the flag and those who defend it.


Craft Beer

In the heart of America, where the spirit of freedom and tradition runs deep, Ultra Right Beer crafts a narrative that resonates with those who hold these values close. Born from a desire to offer more than just a beverage, Ultra Right Beer positions itself as the antidote to the modern world’s complexities, promising a “100% woke-free” experience.




Cousins T’s is not just a brand; it’s a dream realized, a tangible memory, and a testament to the power of family, no matter how defined. Born from the longing for big family gatherings and the warmth of a homemade breakfast, Cousins T transcends the ordinary pancake mix to deliver an experience infused with love, nostalgia, and the essence of American family values.





Great American Media offers family-friendly entertainment, weaving together a tapestry of brands that celebrate the essence of faith, family, and country. Established in June 2021 by Bill Abbott and a coalition of US-based family offices, Great American Media has quickly positioned itself as a cornerstone for viewers seeking content that resonates with traditional values and universal themes of love, hope, and community.




American Heartland Theme Park and Resort is poised to redefine the landscape of family entertainment and leisure, embarking on an ambitious journey to create a world-class destination in northeast Oklahoma. With a vision beyond amusement, this more than $2 billion development project aims to craft lifetime memories for generations, setting a new standard for entertainment destinations on the historic Route 66.



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) emerged as a sport where fighters from diverse backgrounds could test their skills in a comprehensive combat system, combining striking and grappling, standing battles,and ground techniques. This inclusivity of fighting styles has made MMA a dynamic and evolving sport, captivating audiences worldwide. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been at the forefront of this evolution, transforming the fight business into a global sports phenomenon.

Employment Search Engine

Red Balloon is a pioneering force, redefining the essence of job searching and employment.Founded in 2021 amid growing concerns over workplace culture and freedom of expression, Red Balloon has swiftly ascended to become the nation’s premier non-woke job board and talent connector.

Personal Care

Alpinia Labs of SW Florida is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of nature and the American spirit. As a family-owned and operated company, Alpinia embodies a commitment to purity, quality, and well-being, crafting personal and home care products that are as nurturing as they are effective. From the outset, Alpiniå has been unwavering in its dedication to sourcing ingredients directly from the USA.



American Beauty By Sara is the brainchild of Sara Gonzales, a native Texan whose love for her country is matched only by her passion for beauty and makeup. As a wife, mother, television host,and self-professed makeup addict, Sara sought to create a brand that resonates with women who cherish America and uphold traditional values of femininity, grace, elegance, and class. Founded on the principles of patriotism and the celebration of classic beauty standards, American Beauty offers a range of cosmetics and skincare products designed to empower women to look and feel their best.



Malina was started by a family deeply rooted in Christian values, embracing the bounty of nature to redefine beauty standards. This family-owned holistic beauty brand emerges as a beacon of purity and efficacy, where the essence of nature is harnessed to nurture and transform skin. A simple yet profound philosophy drove the inception of Malina: “Allow nature to nurture.”




Today, the clash between principles and aesthetics often leaves consumers in a quandary, and Nimi Skin Care offers a choice of integrity and quality. Founded on the profound belief that women should not have to compromise their values for beauty, Nimi Skin Care has carved a niche by offering exceptional skincare products that blend efficacy with ethical production. The inception of Nimi Skin Care was inspired by a simple yet powerful vision: to create skincare solutions that make women look and feel their best and align with their principles.



Patriot Shave is for Traditional Americans, offering not just grooming products but a statement of identity and belief. With a clear focus on traditional values, faith, family, freedom, and American patriotism, Patriot Shave positions itself against the ‘woke’ culture it sees infiltrating modern America. The brand’s ethos is a clarion call to those marginalized by the prevailing cultural and corporate narratives, offering a tangible way to ‘vote with your wallet.’





Culture of Life 1972, affectionately known to its community as COL1972, emerges as a beacon of hope and change within the fashion industry. With a bold mission to infuse the fashion world with a culture of life, COL1972 stands as a testament to the belief that fashion can be a force for good,advocating for life at every turn. The foundation of COL1972 lies in its dedication to giving back,with the COL1972 Foundation 501c/3 channeling 100% of the brand’s profits into life-affirming causes.



American Farm Company displays the enduring spirit of American agriculture and entrepreneurship.Originating from a simple blog aimed at supporting American businesses, it has blossomed into a dynamic enterprise owned and operated by local farmers and cattle feeders in Iowa. This unique origin story reflects the company’s deep roots in the agricultural community and its commitment to fostering a direct connection between farmers and consumers.



Emergency Preparedness


In Nashville, Tennessee, a family’s dream took shape at their kitchen table, armed with nothing but a notepad and pen. Dissatisfied with the constraints of corporate America, 4Patriots envisioned creating something more impactful, more real. This vision was not just about profit; it was about building a legacy that could offer solutions to families navigating the uncertainties of a rapidly changing world.




Pet Nutrition



Brothers For Life Treats is a testament to the unconditional love between dogs and humans.Founded by sisters who have shared a lifelong passion for dogs, this company is dedicated to providing allergy-friendly, wholesome dog treats made without wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs.



Old Guard Pet Company emerges as a defender of traditional American values in the pet food industry, prioritizing the health and well-being of the All-American dog. In a market flooded with trends and unproven nutritional claims, Old Guard offers scientifically backed, premium nutrition balanced with quality and the principles it stands for.





Mark emerges not merely as a company but as a rallying cry for freedom, innovation, and independence from the clutches of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and overreaching governance. It’s a community where doers, makers, entrepreneurs, and technologists converge, united by a shared refusal to be silenced or controlled. At its core, Mark 37 embodies a revolution, a collective stride towards self-sufficiency and liberation from the forces that seek to dictate the terms of existence.


Legal Advocacy

America First Legal stands was founded on the belief that every American is entitled to a government that prioritizes their needs, interests, and the sanctity of their nation. This organization emerged as a response to the unprecedented challenges threatening the core of the United States’ sovereignty, security, and liberty.


Patriot Framing LLC, a beacon of innovation and excellence in the construction industry, began its journey in 1993 as R J Konstruction Turnkey Framing Services in West Texas. The company’s evolution into Patriot Framing LLC is a testament to its enduring legacy and commitment to excellence. It is the pioneer of turnkey framing services, offering comprehensive solutions that span planning, management, and execution of multi-phase projects in multi-family and commercial sectors throughout Texas, with ambitions reaching beyond state lines.



Nutritional Supplements

Iron Faith Nutrition is more than just a nutritional supplement company; it is a mission-driven enterprise dedicated to enhancing health and athletic performance through the power of nature and science. Founded on integrity, quality, and philanthropy principles, Iron Faith Nutrition is committed to bringing the highest quality nutritional supplements and vitamin products to the market.


Liberty Flagpoles, founded in 2012 by the Phillips family, whose lineage of service has run deep and proud through generations, is a veteran & family-owned business that stands as a beacon of American values and commitment. CEO Travis Phillips, with eight years of distinguished service in the USAF, leads the company with a vision that transcends the mere selling of flagpoles and flags;it’s about honoring the spirit of America itself.
























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