Red Brand Media Forms Partnership With Green.Money™ To Bring Uncancellable Merchant Services


Red Brand Media is thrilled to unveil its partnership with Green.Money, heralding a new era of online payment processing characterized by reliability, security, and most importantly, uncancellable merchant services.


What Online Merchant Services Does Green.Money™ Provide?

At Green.Money, we offer a comprehensive array of online merchant services comparable to industry giants like Stripe and Square. However, unlike these platforms, we refuse to wield the power of cancellation over our clients. Our commitment is steadfast: we won’t target, hold your funds hostage, or deplatform you. We provide the same level of competitive service but without the fear of arbitrary account freezes or fund seizures.


Stripe Cancelling America Businesses By Targeting Their Online Payment Processing 

Recent events have shed light on the alarming trend of online payment processors like Stripe targeting and cancelling accounts based on arbitrary criteria. One common tactic employed is freezing accounts under vague pretexts, effectively locking businesses out of their funds and accruing interest in escrow accounts. Particularly troubling is the apparent targeting of individuals, influencers, causes, and businesses with conservative leanings. This disturbing trend underscores the urgent need for reliable and uncancellable payment processing solutions.


Alternative E-Check Processing To Keep Your Business Moving!

E-Checks are a dynamic alternative for companies to use if they cant get approved or if they want to steer away from credit cards. One of the misconceptions of this type of processing is many believe that this a physical check that is being processed. E-Checks are very similar as using your bank card to make purchases and doesn’t require you to

What Type Of Businesses Can Benefit From The Uncancellable Merchant Services?

The beauty of Green.Money uncancellable merchant services lies in their commitment to their clients, their privacy and beliefs. We welcome all businesses regardless of their political affiliations or ideological stances. Whether you’re a small startup, social media influencer, or a well-established corporation, our services are tailored to meet your needs. Additionally, we specialize in assisting with fundraising efforts, aiding both political and conventional businesses in achieving their financial goals.


End The Financial Toxicity Of Cancel Culture Today! 


Green.Money and Red Brand Media stand as beacons of reliability and integrity in the realm of online payment processing. We’re committed to serving all businesses with their merchant services needs, unwaveringly dedicated to providing security and services that are uncancellable. Contact us today to get started and to get a demo.

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