Red Brand Media Joins The RePlatform Freedom Convention In Las Vegas

Red Brand Media Joins The RePlatform Freedom Convention In Las Vegas

Red Brand Media is excited to be a sponsor for the freedom economy convention hosted by RePlatform in Las Vegas, March 8-10, 2024 at the Horseshoe Hotel. RePlatform is an organization helping to form the largest Parallel Economy in the USA by bringing together businesses, lawyers, conservatives, libertarians and ‘red pilled’ libs all together to form what is called the “Parallel Economy.”

During the Covid lockdown fiasco, many Americans became aware of the weaponization of the federal government, big tech, and federal agencies against the American people, leading more Americans to understand the need to build a strong and robust parallel economy that will prevent us from being silenced in the future.

With big tech stifling free speech and silencing conservatives by working with the federal government and the White House, along with corporations taking a stand on liberal social issues, normal American society said enough is enough.

What Is The Parallel Economy?

Born out of the WOKE movement, The Parallel Economy is a newly hatched concept that came to life just during the past 7 years, that brings conservatives an economy with businesses that share their same values and ideology. Spend your money with companies that share your your values. Instead of Starbucks you would order your coffee from Seven Weeks. Instead of Disney Theme Parks choose American Heartland Theme Park. To see America First businesses visit PublicSquare.

Enter RePlatform

To forge an America that can’t be canceled, RePlatform is a 3-day conference, that brings together inventors, banks, payment systems, hackers, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators to craft real products that bypass the incompetence, stagnation, and censorship in Corporate America.

The team also has another amazing vision called Defeat the Mandates, that unites social conservatives, red-pilled people, people of faith, classical liberals, libertarians, and populists to dismantle the mandate system all across America.

Join The Parallel Economy

We welcome anyone to the RePlatform freedom convention in Las Vegas, March 8-10th, 2024 to help build a parallel economy that will give Americans a voice that can’t be silenced by the federal government, Big Tech or illegal mandates that could wreck peoples businesses and livelihood. There are tickets available for both general admissions and exhibitors. To see a list of guest speakers and exhibitors, or if you want to become an exhibitor, visit . Check out the Horseshoe Hotel for accommodation. Tickets to the three-day event start at $299, and veterans can take $100 off any ticket. If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor spots are available. They also have promo code FREEDOM20 that can be used at the checkout until President’s Day!

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