Graphic Design

Graphic Design

What is
Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a form of communication design, where you use images, color, form, and typography to communicate clear and concise messages that’ll result in your desired outcome.
These outcomes may include increasing sales revenue, creating brand awareness, or enhancing customer loyalty.
Whichever your reason for graphic designing, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Graphic design comes in different concepts depending on your design intent and area of specialization.

Graphic Design Services We Offer

At Red Brand Media, we take pride in providing the most comprehensive set of design services in the market. Our team of professional graphic design can help you with different types of graphic designs including:

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

You might have heard some people referring to graphic designs as marketing and advertising campaigns. While this belief isn’t completely acceptable, there’s no better way to market and advertise your products or services than through interactive graphic designs.

Interactive marketing and advertising graphic designs capture solutions to your customer’s pain points. They do this by assessing your client’s needs, wants, satisfaction, and awareness about a product or service.

Our marketing and advertising designs, include but are not limited to:

Billboard, poster,
and banner designs

Car wrap


Magazine ads



Custom Illustrations

Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic designs involve graphic content that is in motion. The content can be in the form of words, animation, videos, GIFs, or imagery. This concept of graphic design is fairly new and has received a huge boost from technological advancements that have made it affordable and accessible. Otherwise, it was reserved for TV and film production.
Our successful motion graphic designers first come up with storyboards before bringing such stories to life through animations, videos, or images.

User Interface and
Webpage Graphic Design

User Interface (UI) plays an important role on how your target audiences interact with your online graphic content, be it on a phone, website, app, or desktop. Essentially, UI graphic designs act as your online salesperson because a good user interface enable clients to navigate your webpage, app, or game with ease. This improves your user experience (UX) and boosts your conversion ratio.

Packaging and Branding
Graphic Design

Packaging and branding are an asset to any business. They cement your brand’s visual identity, values, and beliefs. Your packaging and branding graphic designs should, therefore, be relatable and creative to your target market.

Publication Graphic Design

Publication graphic design is the art of curating long-form written content with relevant artwork and typography. This type of graphic design improves the uptake and understanding of content through visual appeal, as well as its recall rate.
Traditionally, publication graphic design was limited to print media like magazines, books, newspapers, and catalogs. This is no longer the case, thanks to the rise of digital publications.
Professional publication graphic designers like Red brand media incorporate several aspects of long-form graphic designs to reach and capture your target audience’s attention.

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