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In a monumental step towards a Cancel Free America, Red Brand Media proudly joins forces with Green.Money. Together, we’re pioneering a merchant service solution that transcends political bias and empowers businesses with unyielding support. Join us in shaping a future where financial freedom knows no bounds. We’re proud to offer cancel free merchant services that will prioritize a sanctuary of impartiality and freedom. Say goodbye to the fear of being silenced or financially shackled for your beliefs or products. We’ve partnered with a merchant service that prioritizes your autonomy and liberates your finances.

99.9% Approval Rate

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled approval rate. If you’ve been denied by your current payment processor we understand the hell you’re going through. Regardless of your industry or background, we’re dedicated to getting all legitimate businesses, fundraising, political campaigns, etc approved.

We Can Match Or Beat Your Current Rate!

Why settle for anything less than what you deserve? At Cancel Free Merchant Services, we’re committed to offering competitive rates that align with your values. Whether we match or beat your current rate, 

The Leader In E-Checks

In an increasingly digital world, the way we handle payments has evolved dramatically. Enter e-checks, a convenient and secure way to process payments electronically. We are proud to be the industry leader in e-check processing. Our advanced systems and rigorous protocols guarantee your electronic checks against fraud and loss, ensuring peace of mind for our clients who qualify.


Number one thing to remember is that we will NEVER cancel you or withhold your funds. We’re fully committed to being transparent with all of our customers. 

No, we work with banks that hold our best interest and have similar ideology (America First). We aren’t connected to Wells Fargo, Chase, BOA or other banks that target their customers for thinking differently. 

We work with a broad spectrum of clients, spanning from startups to nonprofits to political campaigns. Whether you’re seeking to grow your business, raise funds for a cause, or spearhead a political movement, we’re here to champion your aspirations.

Yes, in fact we’re the trailblazers in the eCheck industry. We’re not exaggerating. Our expertise in processing electronic checks and debits is unmatched.

Whatever eCommerce system you are currently using – we’ve got you covered! Green.Money™ integrates with all leading systems. Shopify, WooCommerce, Limelight, etc. 

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