What is the Parallel Economy?

How we can leverage our purchasing power to bring about positve societal change.

It comes as no surprise that as we get more and more into this election cycle politics is taking center stage—and not just at the debate podium. Conservatives are leaning into their right-wing beliefs while simultaneously tapping into consumer culture. In what’s now being referred to as the “parallel economy”, conservative political creed is not just up for discussion, it’s up for sale.

Consumers across the politcal spectrum are inundated with options of what to buy—in every category. The market is so oversaturated that it’s nearly impossible to know what to purchase and what to leave on the shelf. The parallel economy is changing that. Over the past several months, there has been an explosion of conservative-minded businesses, from social media platforms like Rumble and Truth Social to consumer products like American Beauty, veteran-founded Black Rifle Coffee, and Jeremy’s Chocolates. The movement even extends to cellphone companies like Patriot Mobile, deemed America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider



Patriot Mobile

“The rapid growth of the parallel economy alone merits consideration and investigation of these new emerging platforms.”

The movement is propelled by a set of trailblazers intent on aligning consumer culture with political ideology. In the past, brands have strayed away from political allegiance. Today, conservatives are leading the charge for the opposite. Everyone from consumer packaged goods to business services companies has jumped on the bandwagon. The goal? To bring positive change through the lens of a conservative viewpoint while also turning a profit.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

The rise of the ‘Parallel Economy’ and why they exist

The Emergence of the Parallel Economy can be attributed to the growing influence of left-wing politics within corporate America. Previously politically neutral, businesses have been infiltrated by individuals with communist/marxist ideologies, resulting in a shift towards supporting certain social agendas. This has led to the cancellation of bank accounts for those with differing views, as well as questionable financial decisions such as companies supporting planned parenthood and receiving bailouts. Additionally, corporations have adopted symbolic gestures on social media, such as using rainbow logos and endorsing movements like Black Lives Matter and Ukraine, in an attempt to appeal to these left-wing causes or avoid being targeted for termination.



How Can We Fight Back?


RePlatform is one such trailblazer. March 8-10, 2024, they’ll host the RePlatform Convention, the largest gathering of parallel economy businesses, services, and consumers, to take place in Las Vegas. Thousands are expected to attend, and among the hundreds of exhibitors are everything from banks and insurance agencies to vacation rentals and bakeries. Tickets to the three-day event start at $299, and veterans can take $100 off any ticket. If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor spots are available. They also have promo code FREEDOM20 that can be used at the checkout until President’s Day!




In the past, one could show their allegiance to a certain political party or ideology by opening their checkbook and making a direct donation. Now, it’s much easier. The parallel economy has provided us with an opportunity to do what we do every day (shop) while flexing our political muscles. Instead of boycotting a brand because of their stance on a matter, or being “too woke”, consumers can incite positive social change at the swipe of a credit card. And it represents so much more than commerce. The parallel economy reflects a growing faction of conservatives now with the option of supporting businesses that align with their values.


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